Inarticulate was a state of being I experienced during a space and time of disconnection and estrangement - from my self, my environment, my partner, family and my world at large. This was a time of impossibility for intimacy with people - where I was stuck; and couldn’t articulate the “why(s)” of my needs.  Photographing stone sculptures made in the likeness of people was the closest I was able to come to how I want to photograph all the people around me.

Inarticulate is a single edition photozine in 100 copies. It is 4.61'' wide x 6.58'' tall when closed, and 9.21'' wide x 6.58'' tall when open. The zine is composed of 28 pages of  Mohawk 80lbs T paper, with the cover using Mohawk 80lbs C paper. All B&W images photographed with Illford Delta 3200 120 film and printed on Illford Hahnemuhle Fiber Paper.